Baby born with full head of hair resembles mini news anchor

This baby girl has become an Internet star due to her unbelievable full head of hair.

Isabelle Kaplan, a newborn from Redlands, Calif., resembles a mini news anchor! A photo of the newborn posted by a family member to Reddit has prompted Internet memes and some serious hair envy.

The viral photo prompted comparisons of Isabelle's locks to Ron Burgundy, the character from the film, "Anchorman" to Charles Bronson.

Her parents, Mackenzie and David Kaplan, said they're pretty amused by the whole thing.

"It turned out was my cousin saw that picture on Facebook and he just thought her hair looked so funny for a baby -- that it looked like a news anchor or something, and so he posted it on Reddit," David told ABC News.

You stay classy, Isabelle!

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