Attempted kidnapping suspect on the loose

Some of the kids who go to San Marino Elementary School say all the students are talking about the attempted kidnapping of a 10-year-boy this past week. Police say it happened Wednesday around 3pm. That's 30 minutes after school let out.

Police say the suspect came up from behind a bench where the 10-year-old was sitting. He used his hand to cup the boy's mouth and then dragged him away. At that point, the boy was able to break away and he took off.

Sgt. Bret Carter says,"The young boy was smart, quick thinking, delivered an elbow to the midsection of the assailant and was able to break free and let the police know."

The boy gave police a very clear description of a white man, in his 40's, heavy-build, about 6 feet tall with a scab on his right cheek and a bleach spot on his left leg. The boy said the man was wearing jean shorts.

Several teams of police explorers and senior volunteers fanned out through the adjacent neighborhoods handing out fliers. The goal was to let everyone know what happened and give them a sketch of the suspect with the hope maybe someone recognizes him.

If you have information call Buena Park Police at (714)562-3901