Armed man keeps getting up despite being hit with Taser, nonlethals in front of dozens of LA County deputies

A standoff took a dramatic turn as an armed man refused to surrender before dozens of law enforcement officers in the South Los Angeles area.

SkyFOX was over Huntington Park where the suspect, possibly connected to a murder, got out of a car they were in after leading the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on a chase. The suspect, armed with two sharp objects – possibly knives – walked around, prompting law enforcement on scene to use a Taser and nonlethal rounds.

Despite being hit by the two types of weapons, the suspect got up multiple times, leading dozens of deputies on a short walk around a residential area in Huntington Park. 

After several hours of trying to get the man to surrender, the group of deputies eventually cornered and surrounded the suspect, eventually placing him in custody.

Officials did not say which murder case the suspect may have been connected to.