Are you suffering from 'Election Stress Disorder'?

For many of us, the end of the presidential race can't come soon enough. The bitter exchange between the two major candidates is causing a ripple effect, with many heading to psychologists, saying the stress of this election is getting to them.

"There's a lot of fear that's involved in this political process and it's been going on for the better part of the last two years," Dr. Joe Taravella, a licensed clinical psychologist at New York University Langone Medical Center's Rusk Rehabilitation, told "This process is invoking a lot of fear, a lot of resentment, a lot of irritability, that's masking a lot of anxiety and powerlessness."

Psychologists have coined the term "Election Stress Disorder." While this type of fatigue is hardly new-- and not even uniquely American-- it can cause trouble if you let it.

"The polarizing figures that we are dealing with… will affect the stress centers of our brain, specifically the limbic system, which is the emotional center. That really affects chemistry [and] physiology," Dr. Pete Sulack, a chiropractor in Knoxville, Tennessee, and founder of, told

According to a study, one in four Americans feel less productive at work because of the political discussions happening in the workplace, Taravella said.

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