'Are We Dating The Same Guy?' lawsuit dismissed

Dozens of women called him a "bad date" and talked about it online. Now the first of numerous lawsuits filed by Stewart Lucas Murray against more than 50 women has been dismissed. 

A judge in downtown LA ruled in favor of defendant Vanessa Valdez. 

The plaintiffs argued that they did nothing wrong by posting their opinions in a private online group called "Are We Dating The Same Guy?" 

The judge found no evidence of conspiracy and granted an Anti-SLAPP motion, which prevents the abuse of the legal system to silence individuals who speak out. 

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"Just feels really good to be dismissed from all counts, it wasn't just the two counts of defamation, but all 11 counts be filed against me," Valdez said during a press conference Monday. 

"We have various Anti-SLAPP hearings in the weeks to come and obviously we hope that with Vanessa's ruling it kind of sets the precedent for the following hearings," defendant Olivia Berger said. 

The judge also found that based on the evidence presented, the court did not see any possibility of Murray prevailing against the defendants on any claim he made.