Are nurses getting safe masks? Some don't think so

It’s baffling to think that hospital responders are not getting the equipment they need to treat COVID-19 patients, but that’s exactly what nurses from Providence Saint John’s nurses are claiming. N95 masks are readily available for doctors, but they are being told to use surgical masks, instead, in some cases.

Take a look at our story above, and you’ll see the claims, not only from nurses at this hospital, but others as well.

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Why are hospitals being so cautious with their N-95 supply?

They wouldn't address it directly, or officially. But, the feeling I get is that they don’t want to take any chances, with the expected surge in cases, and the possibility of large numbers of patients going to hospitals., FOX launches national hub for COVID-19 

They believe that by following CDC guidelines and asking nurses to wear surgical masks, instead of N-95’s, under certain circumstances, they will be safe.

Nurses say that by being conservative with masks is just not acceptable.