Apple users report iOS 9 update crashes, glitches

A significant number of unhappy Apple customers are using social media to report failed iOS 9 operating system updates. Apple users say their mobile devices have crashed following attempts to discover the new update.

Twitter users have used the platform to share photos in which error messages were received. Users with older devices report the upgrade has made their phone inoperable.

Reports of the glitches have not been addressed by Apple. The operating system was newly released on Wednesday, rapidly attracting iOS users to upgrade.

According to Mixpanel, an analytics firm based in San Francisco, by Friday nearly 24 percent of Apple product users had downloaded the new software.

Apple users who are facing trouble with the new update are now left with two options: travel to a nearby Apple store and see if technicians can save their devices or wait on an Apple update for a friendly upgrade.

Apple announced the iOS 9.1 update will be released soon after the recent iOS 9 system. Although there is no official date, many expect a November release.

The newer update, iOS 9.1, will include the much-anticipated taco emoji, among others.