App shows real-time video of thieves inside home

A south Tampa homeowner was delighted by the features offered by her home's new security system, but she was not expecting the system's cell phone app to alert her so soon after it was installed - someone was inside her house.

"I logged in and I saw these guys walk inside my house," the homeowner, who asked not to be identified, explained.

The homeowner and her husband installed a security system, complete with high-quality cameras, in December. The system allows the homeowners to see what's going on at home from a smartphone.

When three men came through a window of their home Monday morning, the system told the homeowners something was wrong.

"I panicked," one of the homeowners explained. "I felt violated. I felt we were in a safe neighborhood, which we are in a safe neighborhood. It can happen anytime."

Her panic quickly turned to action. The security system allowed the homeowner to trigger an alarm from her phone. The alarm sent the suspects running. They only managed to get away with an iPad.

Meanwhile, HD-quality video of the activity inside their home helps police track down one of the three suspects - a 16-year-old male.

Two others were still on the run.

Andrea Davis with Tampa police said technology like this security system is keeping people and their homes safer than ever.

"Anything that homeowners can do to help us solve crimes and potentially notify a suspect that you're watching them is going to be beneficial for both parties," Davis said.

Meanwhile, the homeowners were glad they opted for the system. The wife wasn't so sure at first.

"I didn't take it serious," she said. "I think it's amazing. I think everyone should have cameras."

Her husband added, "learn from this. Anytime they may think they may get away with something - there could be something watching them. They were caught this time," he said.

The teen is facing a pair of felonies. Police think they're close to tracking down the two others involved.