Animatronic lights display in Sherman Oaks will get you into the holiday spirit!

FOX 11 is also getting into the holiday spirit and we want to keep that holiday spirit going by sharing the most amazing local holiday light displays.

Victoria Spilabotte takes us to a home in Sherman Oaks where animatronic characters rule.

Singing Snowman, tap dancing elves and a sledding Santa on the rooftop are all part of a holiday house decked out for Christmas.

"Pretty much everything you see here, the tree and animatronics are all home built, even the candy canes are handmade," homeowner, Mike Ziemkowski, said.

Ziemkowski has been perfecting his Christmas display since he was a kid and for the last 15 years he's been sharing his creations and entertaining families at his Sherman Oaks home at 3901 Longview Road.

"It's become a family tradition for a lot of people every year the kids are little older and it's really cool to see them come and enjoy it," he said.

An animated DJ Jingles spins the tunes to the 13 minute show synced to lights and music, but this year's display is a bittersweet one for Ziemkowski, he begins the show with a tribute to his parents who loved Christmas.

Photos and videos play of his late father and his mother who passed away earlier this year.

"Her big thing was that she wanted a snow baby, so this year I added the snow child," he said. "She never got to see him, but that's one of the things she really wanted."

Ziemkowski's main attraction draws thousands of spectators in search of holiday lights.

"It's great with young kids, everybody on the street just loves it," one neighbor said. "This time of year they wait really anxiously for it to come on and now that it's up we come down pretty much every night."

The light display begins every night at 6pm and runs through 10 pm. It will be up until New Year's Day.