An After-school Fight Caught On Tape Under Investigation

At the end of the court day Charityn Borrayo got what she wanted - a restraining order against three students who were caught on video beating and kicking Borrayo's daughter Aubri Matus.

The video obtained and posted in the LA Daily News, shows several students from Sutter Middle School attacking the 13-year old.

Borrayo says "They could have left her brain dead. You know they kicked her head like three … four times. That's absolutely insane."

The Winnetka mother is furious over the fight last week which she says actually started at school during a PE class when her daughter was, here are her words, "... kicked in the face by a girl..the girl didn't do anything but kick her in the face. My daughter didn't do anything to defend herself." There is no video of that.

It wasn't until, according to Borrayo, a counselor told her there was video on Instagram that she learned the truth. Her daughter wasn't forthcoming about the fight because she was scared she'd get in trouble.

Borrayo says, "They had no right to attack her the way that they did." And, now her teen is afraid to go back to the same school. In fact, she says the district is helping her find another school to attend.

Borrayo says she didn't know about her daughter's troubles … her bruised face and busted lip from the PE class fight until she saw the video and started questioning her daughter.

When asked to describe the fight here is what the 13-year-old told FOX 11: "My friend called me I'm gonna go to your house. I said no. She said come outside and then I go outside and all she does is grab me and she just started hitting me and attacking me."

LAUSD issued this statement about the off-campus after-school fight:

"Our Local District Northwest team is working with law enforcement in investigating… We take these matters very seriously and are disturbed by the allegations. we are following protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our students."

Borrayo says the district is working to help get her daughter into another middle school. She says she doesn't want to go back there.

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