13-year-old driver accused in Compton bakery robbery arrested again hours after release

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna announced Tuesday that the driver who allegedly plowed a stolen car through a storefront during a Compton street takeover earlier this month was also involved in another now-viral robbery just days later. The suspect in both case, according to Luna, was 13 years old.

The street takeover happened back on Jan. 2, at the intersection of E. El Segundo Boulevard and N. Santa Fe Avenue. Around 3:30 a.m., a driver took a white Kia Soul and used it to bash in the front door of Ruben's Bakery. Once the door gave way, deputies estimate as many as 100 people rushed in, looting the place.

Deputies estimated the robbery cost Ruben's Bakery $40,000 in stolen items and damage.

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Days later, LASD deputy Luis Cisneros said he was walking into a 7-Eleven store in Carson toward the end of his shift, when he realized he'd walked in on an armed robbery in progress.

"As soon as I opened the door, I noticed that all the individuals were actually behind the counter," Cisneros said. "One of them was taking stuff off the shelves, one of them was reaching into the cash register, and one of them and one of them was against the cashier. Once I saw them, I immediately drew my weapon. After that, it was like something took over me and I did what I could to one, stay alive and make sure this outcome was resolved peacefully."

All told, four suspects were arrested after that robbery.

On Tuesday, Luna announced the arrests of several suspects involved in the break-in at Ruben's Bakery. Among them, Luna said, was the alleged driver who drove the Kia into the store.

That alleged driver, a juvenile, was arrested on Jan. 12 for burglary, felony vandalism, driving a vehicle without the owner's consent, and inciting a riot. Because the suspect is a juvenile, they were released to their family. 

Less than a day later, Luna said, that same suspect was one of the four arrested in Carson.