'All you need to give and receive is love': Local families celebrate moms

"All you need to give and receive is love." Those wise words from Sweet Alice, the woman whose holiday giveaways have become legendary in Watts, as we spoke about Mother’s Day. 

A parade of people lined up to drop off cards and flowers, including Michael Khalfani, one of the original dancers from the hit show Soul Train. He honored her with the 2nd Soul Train "Shine Award", aptly describing her as "The Mother of Watts". 

Mothers all over were being honored by their families, even though it has gotten a lot more expensive to do so this year. Between COVID-related distribution issues and gas prices, the cost of the basic Mother’s Day dinner has gone up 15%, according to restaurateurs we spoke to. Although, there were plenty of tables filled at brunch time, and plenty of people buying flowers at the downtown flower mart. 


"When it comes to mothers" we were told "we have to make it happen". 

Mothers across the Southland were being blessed, fed and, most importantly, loved. We asked several what they really want this year for Mother's Day. You may be surprised that it’s not about money — though no one we talked to would turn away a winning lotto ticket. Most said it’s about health and family, and of course, getting chores done.\

Happy Mother’s Day, today and every day.