Air conditioners on overdrive to beat the heat

Air conditioners are on overdrive to keep repair workers busy. Only local resident had to leave her house after thieves stole the wiring for her air-conditions unit.

Canoga Park resident Sage Gallegos was having a rooftop air-conditioning unit serviced when she got some very bad news.

Gallegos said, "Somebody broke in her air-conditioning unit and ransacked it. They pulled everything out, stole the copper, shoved everything back in and took off."

Gallegos called police and posted about the crime in a West Hills and Woodland Hills Facebook group. Copper wire thefts appear to be on the rise. Others reported the crime, too. Gallegos and her two dogs are how staying in a rented camper on her property until a new AC unit can be installed. Rolling air is coming out Thursday. They will redo everything they can, putting a new unit on the roof.

Meanwhile, calls for AC repairs across the Southland are on the rise, as hot weather can cause stress on an aging air conditioning system, especially if it's running 24 hours a day.

The heat wave is expected to continue through next week.