Adorable grandpa wears matching suit for prom photos with dateless granddaughter

A 67-year-old grandfather from California is the hero of the internet after getting dressed up and taking pictures with his granddaughter who didn't have a date for the senior prom.

To make sure the photos were even better, he even matched his suit to her prom dress!

Kaylah Bell, 17, tells Fox 35 she had a couple of people in mind to take her to the prom, but they flaked out. Rather than take photos in her gorgeous dress by herself, she asked her "papa", Alvin Hackett, to take them with her.

"I asked by grandpa to take my pictures because he is the flyest guy I know! He has a great sense of style!"

Kaylah had a gorgeous, queen-like gown ready for prom and Hackett already had a closet full of suits--including one that would match her dress perfectly.

When prom night arrived, Hackett showed up outside her house, dressed in a navy-blue striped suit and pink satin tie that matched perfectly with Kaylah's dress. He even brought a corsage!

"My grandpa is very stylish. Every Sunday when we go to church, him and my grandma dress alike and dress together for church and banquets," Bell told Yahoo! Sports.

Although she couldn't take him to the actual prom (age limit is 21), he did drive Kaylah there and posed for more pictures with her, making her the envy of all her friends and creating a night she'll never forget!