Activists hold protest against Coca-Cola after release of animal abuse video at Fair Oaks Farms

A three-month undercover investigation by Animal Recovery Mission shows extreme animal cruelty at Fair Oaks Farms. The video shows baby calves being mercilessly beaten, kicked in the head, and burned, and also numerous piles of dead baby calves which are routinely hidden from public view.

After the footage was posted on Tuesday, June 4, it received fierce backlash from hundreds of commenters and retailers dropped Fairlife from its shelves.

Protestors in LA and at various cities across the country are calling on Coca-Cola to drop the Fairlife brand as well.

In response Coca-Cola released a statement saying:

"Fairlife immediately discontinued the use of milk from Fair Oaks Farms. No milk from any Fair Oaks Farms locations will be included in fairlife products." In addition, The Coca-Cola Company is immediately conducting our own independent investigations of all Fairlife's dairy suppliers to ensure they uphold the highest standards of animal welfare. This is in addition to the audits by Fairlife that will begin this week."