Absolutely Disgusting! Baker creates pimple-popping cake masterpieces

From "sort of gross", to *really gross!" A baker in Malaysia has created a repulsive cake covered with puss-filled "zits" you could actually squeeze. The blemishes on the cake are "realistic-looking." Clumps of cake burst out when you squeeze the sides. The baker says people want the cakes for the shock factor, and he gets a lot of orders for bachelorette parties.

According to a Philosophy Professor from Purdue University, people are drawn to pimple popping because of the instant gratification and the thrill of it. Did you know that a lot of people like to watch pimple-popping videos on Youtube? Maybe you're one of them. The professor says the act of pimple-popping activates the same sensation in our brain that gets activated during events like riding roller coasters.