9th Circuit Court of Appeals hears arguments on Trump's travel ban

It was 3 p.m. Tuesday and court was in session, but it wasn't in a courtroom or the 9th Circuit Courthouse in San Francisco. It was a telephone conference call between the judges and attorneys streamed on the Internet for all to hear.

What we heard was a discussion on why each side thought its arguments should prevail.

A Department of Justice attorney told the three judges on the federal panel why President Trump has the right to keep out travelers from seven mostly-Muslim countries.

The special DOJ attorney, August Flentje, argued, "This judgment was well within the president's power as delegated to him by Congress and it is constitutional."

Washington State Attorney Noel Purcell laid out why Washington was harmed by the executive order signed by the president, from an impact on foreign state university students to tax hits.

The judges are expected to have a ruling within the next week.

Just a few hours earlier, demonstrators in West Los Angeles talked about the importance of a judiciary that's designed to create checks and balances with the executive branch.

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