98-year-old veteran celebrates birthday at work

A World War Two veteran had a surprise party for his 98th birthday -- at work.

Bartholomeo 'Bennie' Ficeto has worked at the Stop & Shop on Route 1 in Edison, New Jersey for many years.

The store workers surprised Benny with a cake and a USO Show.

His niece, who works at a Staten Island Stop & Shop, was there to help him celebrate.

Ficeto started working at the grocery chain about a decade ago in Bloomfield.  He transferred to the Edison store about 18 months ago and continues to work two, four-hour shifts a week as a bag boy.

He hopes to work until he's 100 years old, saying if he makes it to that age, "I'll be satisfied."

Ficeto served in the Army Air Force during World War II as a gunner on a B-25 Mitchell bomber, flying mostly over northern Africa and Italy, and has held other various jobs after “retiring” from a cosmetic company back in the 80s.

Store officials say Bennie’s work ethic is second to none – he stands the entire time, working at a steady pace, and refuses to take his 15-minute break.

"Why would I take a break when I only get to work four hours," Ficeto asks.

Right after the celebration, Ficeto went back to work bagging groceries.