50 passengers back on ground after getting stuck on SeaWorld Orlando's Sky Tower

SeaWorld Orlando confirmed that its iconic Sky Tower attraction became stuck for three hours on Monday, with 50 passengers on board. While no one was ever in immediate danger, some park guests called 911 to report the incident.

SeaWorld worked closely with Orange County Fire Rescue to remove those who were on the ride. A park worker was hoisted up to the ride in a bucket and was then able to lower himself down to the roof of the cabin. After about a half-hour, the ride became operational and it was lowered to the ground.

"Sky Tower went up, it was a beautiful day, looking out seeing the whole park and looking back, and about half way down, it stopped," explained passenger Michel Moffatt. "They did an announcement about a minute after that said well we have a mechanical failure ... then they came down 10 minutes later and said the emergency brake locked up ... then we had no information, so i was like, what's going on?"

SeaWorld said it remained in constant communication with the guests and team members on the ride during the incident. "The safety of our guests and team members is SeaWorld's top priority," read a statement sent to FOX 35 by SeaWorld.

"People were standing around and watching us, and said they would give us more information, they were going to send an EMT up, and maintanence guy up and that all worked out," Moffatt said, "and three hours later ,we finally made it to the ground."

The 400-foot observation tower opened with the park in 1973. It features a double-decker, rotating pod. Guests board it at ground level and take a leisurely ride to the top. The descent is conducted at a similar pace. It is not a drop tower.