3 separate shootings reported near LA schools; 2 teens killed

Police are investigating at least three separate shootings involving teenagers that took place across the city Sunday night and into Monday morning.

At least two teenagers and an adult were killed in the shootings. Two of the shooting victims’ bodies were located outside schools.

According to a woman who lives near Ellen Ochoa Learning Center along Live Oak Street in Cudahy, she heard three gunshots late Sunday night. Outside the school, police located the lifeless body of a young boy.

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"Waking up, taking your kids to school, [and] you find out there’s a dead body outside," said Karla Lopez, a parent. "It’s very shocking to think that’s where I walk with my kids every morning and there was a body right there, it’s mind-blowing. Times are not the same anymore."

About a mile away on Bear Avenue, another shooting happened overnight. A man was discovered dead outside Martha Escutia Primary Center.

In addition, there was another shooting in Panorama City on Sunday night that resulted in one 16-year-old being injured and a 17-year-old dying.

"For me, it’s disturbing," said Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Alberto Carvalho. "Not only as an educator, but as a father. I don’t want to forget about it and nor do I want our community to forget about it."

Carvalho posted to X (formerly Twitter) Monday morning a response to the night of violence, calling the shootings "unacceptable carnage".

"I need to be a powerful entity that connects resources," said Carvalho. "Cities [and] the county need to work together. [LAUSD] is making the right investments in terms of counselors, school psychologists, psychiatric social workers that detect early trauma and often avoid the consequences. What we need is the same type of investment in the community."