27 arrested during street takeover in Pomona

Over two dozen people were arrested during an illegal street takeover in Pomona.  

California Highway Patrol officers were called to assist the Pomona Police Department Sunday night when a large group of vehicles took part in a street takeover.  

When officers arrived on scene, they saw a large plume of tire smoke caused by numerous burnouts as well as people attempting to flee the location.  

According to CHP- Baldwin Park Office, while one person was attempting to leave, they intentionally rammed into a CHP patrol vehicle. No officers were injured and both vehicles sustained minor damages.  

In total, 27 people were arrested that night and 19 vehicles were impounded, according to CHP officials. The vast majority of arrests were for spectating and/or participating in an illegal street takeover. Two felony arrests were made for assault on a peace officer, possession of a firearm and possession of drugs.  

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The California Highway Patrol established a Street Racing Task Force that focuses on combating illegal street racing and sideshows.

On a recent weekend, the task force issued 300 citations, impound 50 vehicles, and arrested 20 individuals, according to the CHP website.