1-Year-Old Sought In Amber Alert Found Safe

Last we saw of Christy Martinez, the exuberant mother was crying in joy. Her one-year-old son, Jayden, had been found by authorities in Tijuana. The boy had been kidnapped from his mother's Santa Ana home by Martinez's ex-boyfriend, who is the father of the child. Giovanny Santiago Enriquez went into the apartment, stabbed Martinez's ex boyfriend, and fled with Jayden.

An amber alert went out pretty quickly, and the US Marshall eventually announced that the father and child had been found in Tijuana, where local authorities had Santiago Enriquez in custody. The child was safe, with police.

Christy drove to TJ to get her child immediately only to found she couldn't get him. She says that Tijuana authorities claimed that the father, who is a Mexican national, had automatic custody of the US born child, and that she, the mother, did not, because she is an American citizen.

"We just want the baby back", explains the boy's aunt in Santa Ana, who tells Fox 11 that Martinez returned back late last night and spoke to the LAPD detectives who were handling the Amber alert case.

"They picked her up this morning" she adds, "and drove her back to Tijuana". Here is the plan:

Detectives want to pick up the father from TJ, since he is a suspect in the kidnapping and stabbing, and bring him back here as soon as possible, possibly tonight. Common extradition practice normally would allow them to do that, since this is not a death penalty case, and Tijuana police work regularly with US authorities on these kinds of cases.

At the same time, the LAPD detectives, who come out of Pacific Division, want to bring the young Jayden, back with them, and believe Tijuana authorities should allow that since the boy is the victim, and an American citizen. Then, they can give the child back to mom.

Usually, in these types of cases, it's authorities in the US who hand a kidnapped child back to the victim parent, when that child is found across the border.

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