Several small earthquakes strike near Mexican border in SoCal

Several small earthquakes strike near the Mexican border in SoCal. On Saturday afternoon, the following quakes have been reported in Brawley, California near the Imperial Valley area.

3.27PM: 2.6 magnitude

3:25PM: 3.6 magnitude

3:13PM: 2.6 magnitude

3:06PM: 3.9 magnitude

2:58PM: 3.4 magnitude

2:52PM: 2.7 magnitude

2:52PM: 2.9 magnitude

2:46PM: 2.6 magnitude

2:42PM: 3.0 magnitude

2:41PM: 3.7 magnitude

2:33PM: 2.7 magnitude

2:32PM: 2.8 magnitude

1:49PM: 3.2 magnitude

1:49PM: 3.0 magnitude

1:12PM: 2.6 magnitude

No reports of damage at this time.