Residents in Silverado Canyon consider evacuating

Muddy waterfalls and fast moving unrelenting rain - it's a scenario people in Silverado Canyon dreaded.

Doyal Teel owns one of the homes under voluntary evacuations; he watched the flash flooding today to see if he should leave.

"I have everything loaded and ready to go...there's a rock slide over here and we've been worrying about that to see how that's been going. There's another one over here," said Teel.

Part of Silverado Canyon Road was blocked off Tuesday for five hours after mud and debris clogged the street.

"It's not water, it's muddy water. And that worries us, from all the runoff from the fire," said Teel.

The Silverado Canyon fire scorched over a thousand acres in 2014.

Nearly 70 homes are still under a barren burn scar.

"The fire was right up those trees over there. Really close. Within 30 yards of us," said Teel.

Residents feared mother nature would hit their homes next. Many other residents feared worse, that the rain could be deadly.

"The residents here in Silverado keep reminding me in 2005 there was a young girl who lost her life out here. A large boulder came down and she was upstairs doing her homework around 9 c'lock at night and she lost her life so they keep reminding us of that," said Captain Steve Concialdi with the O.C. Fire Authority.

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