New Orange Flood Barriers for Orange County!

As our counties are looking into how to best prepare for El Niño-related storms one is trying something new. For the first time, Orange County is using technology that's been used in other parts of the country to prevent flooding. It's a system manufactured by U.S. Flood Control called Tiger Dam. Made of a polyester-nylon type fabric, the 50-foot-long tubes are filled with fire hydrant water and anchored down in areas where flooding is possible.

Shannon Widor, with Orange County Public Works, says the tubes cost $1200 each. For about 8000 feet of tubing the county spent in the neighborhood of $350,000. Says Widor, "we're providing this reusable water filled bladder system which, as you can see can be extended for long distances. And, what that does is provides extra assurance... cause Mother Nature is unpredictable and we just want to be as prepared as possible."

It's hoped that the Tiger Dams and Muscle Walls will make a difference. Both are inflated with fire-hydrant water.

A.J. Jaime with OC Public Works says, "Soon as we start getting some heavy rain, and we expect it here at this El Niño season, our level will rise."

He adds, the orange barriers in Orange County are a proactive way to deal with El Niño storms when, and if, they come.

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