The Issue Is: Gun control

This week, after the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, gun control is again at the forefront of the political discourse.

To discuss, Elex Michaelson is joined on "The Issue Is" by Congresswoman, and Candidate for L.A. Mayor, Karen Bass (D-CA).

The two discuss gun control efforts at the state and federal level, the NRA, and GOP arguments surrounding mental health, which Bass calls "disingenuous."

The extensive one-on-one conversation also touches on police reform, homelessness, and the L.A. Mayoral race, in which Bass is facing millions in negative campaign ads as she runs neck-and-neck with billionaire developer Rick Caruso ahead of the June 7th primary.

Also on that June 7th ballot, Malia Cohen, Democratic candidate for State Controller, and State Assemblyman Marc Levine, a Democrat challenging a Democratic incumbent for California Insurance Commissioner. Those two candidates also join Michaelson to discuss their respective races.

The Issue Is: Gun Control

REP. BASS’S CENTRAL TAKE: "We have great gun laws here in California, but until we address this problem nationally, it's very difficult for California to get a handle on it. Now, I support 100% [Governor Newsom] passing legislation that will allow individuals to sue the gun manufacturers, because we need to be clear as to who really controls the NRA - it's the gun manufacturers. Even gun owners support gun control…"

The Issue Is: Police Reform

REP. BASS’S CENTRAL TAKE: "Well, you know what? I'm very thankful for the President for stepping up and doing this. But, you know, I think of my former colleague, John Lewis, who always said 'find a way out of no way.' So if you can't get something done legislatively, then try another way. Senator Booker and I, as you mentioned, we passed it out of the House - I did my job - but it stalled in the Senate... So when we reached a wall, Senator Booker and I went to the White House and we asked the administration, 'please take our bill and please do as much as you can with an executive order.' So the senator and I have worked with the White House over the last few months, and it was really nice to be able to go to the White House and watch the President sign that, of course it was bittersweet because it was also the anniversary of [George Floyd's] murder - but to be there with his family and they were gratified that finally something was being done…"

The Issue Is: The L.A. Mayoral Race

REP. BASS’S CENTRAL TAKE: "I think it just, it shows a flaw in our in our democracy, in the sense that if you do have independent wealth, you don't have any accountability at all, you can put as much money into the campaign as you want. If you run a normal race like I do, then I have to account for, and be accountable for, every single dollar. So, to see someone spend that kind of money, I just think about, because it's well over $30 million, I just think about how many people could be housed with that amount of money - I just think about all of the good that could be done with that amount of money…"

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