Traffic nightmare getting in and out of Dodger Stadium for World Series

Dodger fans slowly rolling out of the stadium at the end of game one, hit traffic nightmare round two.

Unless they left early.

"It was terrible coming in, but it was easy getting out," one driver said.

Fans who stayed until the end of the game were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic similar to what it was like getting into the stadium before game time.

"Traffic was terrible of course, but that's kind of to be expected anywhere in Los Angeles," another fan said.

Video from SkyFox around 3:30 p.m. showed traffic at its peak when cars were at a complete standstill at all entrances of the stadium.

"It took about an hour and a half just to drive a half mile or a mile," driver, Kenneth Maralles, said. "I left around 2:30 and ended up getting here around four."

But fans who left even earlier said they breezed right in.

"Later on traffic was ridiculous, but we got here around 2:30 like real Dodger fans so we were ok," fan, Alberto Martinez, said.

Traffic officers helped filter drivers into the stadium while police blocked off neighborhood roads.

The closer it got to game time some fans just gave up and decided it was faster to find parking outside the stadium and walk.

"I've been here before and the drive up is pretty bad," one fan said. "We saw people walking and we were just sitting there so we decided this was the quicker way."

If you're planning to attend game two on Wednesday, some advice from the pros.

"Arrive early and if you're are going to buy anything from the store make sure you're there early too," Joe Wolf, Dodger fan, said.

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