The Spanish-language voice of the Dodgers: Jaime Jarrín (and now son Jorge)

Every night in the middle of the seventh at Dodger Stadium, an intimate little thing happens among the crowd of 50, 000 fans. Toward the end of "Take me Out to the Ball Game" (played by the same organist since 1988, the retiring Nancy Bea Hefley) the crowd behind home plate turns around and waves to the announcers in the broadcast booths.

A great many waves are for Hall of Famer Vin Scully, a huge star in a town of stars. But fans also wave at the other highly popular Dodger broadcasters. There is Rick who saved the flag, Charley the ultimate professional, and of course, Fernando "El Toro."

But parents of Latin descent also explain to their children about another Hall of Famer Jaime Jarrín.

Jarrín has been with the team since the 1950's. And has been the voice of the Dodgers in Spanish, calling games and helping immigrants assimilate in Los Angeles by providing common ground to which people relate. He is the nightly Spanish soundtrack to people's lives here in Southern California.

Jaime es querido por los fans Latinos. (Jaime is beloved by the Latino fans.)

Jarrín's importance to this town cannot be overstated. The owner of the Dodgers at the time, the O' Malley family, correctly understood that the Hispanic population would embrace the team if they were seen and marketed to. At first, Jarrín played small ball. He didn't travel to road games. He would listen to Vin, and recreate the play-by-play action in Spanish from his listening quarters back in Los Angeles.

Eventually that changed, and Jarrín hit the road with the team. And today, the Dodgers are the only team with two Hall of Famers in the broadcast booth. LA's English speaking crowd is just now beginning to appreciate Jarrín's greatness and what he means to Latino Dodger fans.

Jarrín was given his own bobblehead night, and fans were also given a t-shirt with his famous home run call inscribed on it, "Se va, se va, y se fue, despidela con un beso!"

And now, there's another Jarrín in the booth. Son, Jorge, also handles play-by-play duties, thereby virtually guaranteeing there will be a Jarrín in the booth for many years to come.

Take a look at the video above, and you'll see how special this father/son pairing is to watch. And then next time you're at the game, turn around and give a nice wave to all the Dodger broadcasters -- named by USA Today as the best team in all of baseball!

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