2-year-old takes one to the face from home run ball

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - It's been a painful month for Major League Baseball fans.

A couple of weeks ago, a woman at a Tigers-Rangers game got hit with a foul ball at Comerica Park.

Then, just two days later, a woman at a Cubs-Braves game got hit with a foul ball at Wrigley.

And just this weekend, a two and a half year old got clobbered by a line drive home run at a Sox-Indians game at US Cellular.

What started as a beautiful day at the ballpark, ended up as quite a headache for little rowan senders

The two and a half year old was hit in the head by a homerun ball.

"I heard the crowd go 'ooohhh' and I looked up and the ball coming down," Rowan's dad said. "And my first reaction was to jump in the way, but I had my daughter in my arms like this."

"And all I could to do was reach around and cover his face and the ball hit my hand and his head at the same time," dad added. "I don't know what would have happened had that hand not deflected it a little bit."

Rowan's doctor says he came to the hospital dazed, with symptoms of a concussion.

"He also had skull fractures and bruising to the underlying brain," Rowan's doctor said.

"Those are the lines from the stitching on the ball right there," dad said as pointed at Rowan's face.

"He didn't get the ball, because of the way it hit my hand and it went up the air, and someone else behind us grabbed it," dad added.

It was a bummer, but not enough to keep this family from going back out to the ball game, once they leave the hospital.

"I grew up at Comiskey. It was something I loved going to as a child," Rowan's mom said. "I'm hoping this doesn't discourage him from becoming a Sox fan on his own!"

Rowan may not have gotten the home run ball, but the White Sox did send over a get well basket of goodies.