Lance Bass on NSYNC, space training and married life

Lance Bass wanted go to school for space engineering and become an astronaut before he rose to fame as a pop star.

A quick Google search will show you that the former member of NSYNC has done many, many things beyond music -- including acting, TV hosting, cooking, documentaries and more.

In fact, Lance moved to Russia in 2002 after NSYNC disbanded and went through several months of rigorous training to win a seat on a Russian Soyuz space capsule. He was certified by both NASA and the Russian Space Program.

Funding ultimately fell through and he didn't get to go to the International Space Station, but his dreams of traveling to space remain.

Lance joined me on Olympic & Bundy to chat about marriage, his pop star days, and of course, space travel!

Our conversation also covered topics such as:

-How he and his husband Michael Turchin met, the marriage proposal(s) and married life in general.
-Having their wedding televised on E!
-Leaving high school to join NSYNC and recording in Germany.
-Touring and being on the road.
-The NSYNC songs he'd be fine to never hear again.
-His move to Russia and the intense astronaut training he underwent.
-Russia's anti-LGBT culture and hiding his sexual orientation during training.
-His mother's touching letter that she wrote to her church about him coming out of the closet.
-Starting a family of his own.

And more!

Click here to listen to the full conversation with Lance Bass.

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