Cheryl Hunter on overcoming trauma and finding the road to resilience

Cheryl Hunter is a bestselling author, speaker and expert on resiliency and helping others overcome adversity.

While traveling in Europe as a teenager, she was abducted by two criminals who held her captive before eventually leaving her for dead.

Cheryl survived this traumatic experience, but even though she was physically free, she says she still felt very captive in her mind.

In the episode, Cheryl talks about this life-changing trauma that happened when she was only 18, how she slowly refocused her life and found freedom.

Cheryl's healing process ultimately connected her to her life mission of empowering people to rise above past trauma. She created an educational framework aiming to teach others how to break free from whatever holds them captive.

Cheryl gave a TED Talk in Santa Monica, in which she shared a powerful Japanese principle she learned along the way in her healing: wabi-sabi.

The concept of wabi-sabi is accepting your imperfections and making the most of life.

"The beauty of any object lies in the flaws of that object," she says, telling others to claim *their* wabi-sabi.

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