All things fitness with Muay Thai instructor and personal trainer Shaun Leverett

Shaun Leverett grew up in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts. He learned Muay Thai from his older brother and says he used it as a way to channel some of his aggression as a child (and also as an opportunity to get to hang out with his older brother).

Fast forward to today, and Shaun spends his days sharing "the art of eight limbs" and helping others with their fitness goals.

He has a studio in Koreatown, called Body Art by Shaun, which offers Muay Thai kick boxing and high intensity personal training instruction.

Shaun joined myself and podcast producer Kim Tran (who trains with him) to talk about his background, Muay Thai and all things fitness related.

Let this episode be your kick-start to physical fitness BEFORE the New Year's gym rush!

Our conversation covered topics such as:

-Write down what you eat.
-Make a plan. Write down your goals, and make sure they're attainable.
-Between work, school and kids, sometimes it's hard to find time to go to the gym. If you have just five minutes in the day, five minutes it all you need.
-Even if you don't belong to a gym, go outside! If you're only capable of walking, walk.
-Train your stabilizing muscles to prevent pain and injury.
-How strong is the new skinny.
-Are gyms like CrossFit the new church?
-What to do if you're trying to eat healthy, and people you live with have junk food in the house!
-How discipline is key to getting in shape.

Listen to the full conversation with Shaun Leverett here.

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