Cristy Fajardo

Cristy Fajardo


Cristy Fajardo is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who is fluent in Spanish. Born to an American mother and Peruvian father, she had the good fortune of growing up with two cultures and two languages.  

Her first reporting job in Los Angeles was with KTTV and she is thrilled to be back. Prior to her return, she reported for KCBS/KCAL. During her previous stint at KTTV, she won an Emmy for her coverage of child soldiers in Uganda. She has covered the U.S.-Mexico border and terrorism in South America. She also reported on Spain’s financial markets for Dow Jones Newswires.

Her investigations in Los Angeles have led to several high-level resignations, and have gotten the attention of mayors, members of Congress, and a state attorney general.

She has a B.A, in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley and a Masters in Journalism from Northwestern University. 

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