Youngest victim of the LA Riots: Baby born with bullet wound

April 29, 2017 will be the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots. So many people killed and hurt, including a mother and daughter in Compton. This is their story.

As we sat in her Gardena apartment, Elvira Ever's emotions were all over the place. One minute crying, another laughing. It's what Jessica's mother goes through every year when the anniversary of the Los Angeles riots comes around.

On day two of the riots, Elvira was shot in the belly. She didn't hear the gunfire. She just felt a burning sensation. She was seven months pregnant and terrified her unborn baby would die. She got to the hospital where her baby was born successfully by caesarian section. While mom was shot in the belly, in the mother's womb, baby Jessica was struck in the elbow.

"I almost didn't make it," Elvira said. Every April the sadness of the shooting and almost losing her daughter sets it.

"It's just like yesterday that that happened, so it all came back again. Makes me sad."

At the same time, there is happiness because Jessica was only wounded in the elbow. Had she been in a different position, she might not be here today. She'll be the first to tell you that.

The 24-year-old is philosophical about the violence that took over LA streets in 1992.

After years of built up tension, and then the Rodney King verdict, she said, "Some people got to stay positive. Violence isn't the answer to everything. Find other ways to speak out. I mean innocent people get hurt all the time. I mean if you resort to violence what's that going to cause? Nothing, really. You either go to jail, you get killed, you get hurt. You can hurt somebody else. It's not worth it."

So again, it's time for a remembrance of the LA Riots. The 25th anniversary. More than 50 were people killed and thousands injured. Thousands more were arrested and two women were shot by one bullet, with Jessica born by a Caesarian procedure hours after the shooting.

"Every year, I'm reminded about you and your birthday," her mom said. "I can imagine the other people that have a death every year this day."

The riots started on the April 29 of 1992. Jessica and her mom took a bullet around 11 a.m. on the 30. Jess was born between 5 and 7 p.m. Like the riots, she's about to turn 25. The youngest victim of the Los Angeles Riots.

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