Young ladies loot Fullerton furniture store, throwing heavy items over fence before getting away

It was an after hours shopping spree, on someone else's dime

Two thieves, raided Patio Furniture Plus in Fullerton around 9 at night Sunday.

They lifted everything from tables, chairs, even a 50 pound deer statue nearly half their size.

Manager Joshua Praytor says the unassuming young women jumped over his store's fence, and worked together to pass nearly four thousand dollars worth of furniture over.

"I was shocked that I was seeing two women...I was kinda assuming it would be too men or a group of men with a truck," says Praytor.

He says they were so relaxed - they even went to the bathroom - you can see one of them walking off with paper towels in surveillance video.

"They went shopping, they didn't just come and take what was closest to the gate and throw it over - it wasn't a smash and grab," says Praytor.

And Praytor says...this isn't the first time thieves raided his store.

"It's happened several times in the past. It's happened 4 times in the last month," says Praytor.

Now he's hoping surveillance video leads to an arrest.

"This has been 10 thousand dollars worth of merchandise that's been stolen from us in the last month," says Praytor.

The store manager says this is the first time they've captured video of the thieves

Police conducted a report at this store on Monday.

If you have any information regarding this crime, contact Fullerton PD.

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