"You have to hydrate": Sports teams battle high heat to play football game

Football season is back! But with the high heat, is it safe for teams to play?

On Friday, the city of Norco hit 106 ° F.

For some the heat is too intense, but for a couple of linemen from the Norco High Cougars it's hot, but manageable. 
Daniel Ramirez and others have been hydrating for days, taking electrolytes and essentially doing what he can to stay healthy in the heat. 

"I guarantee you; they are hydrating as quickly as they can. And the hydration is important. You can't just hydrate on game day you have to hydrate several days in advance," said Bill Gunn, Athletic Director for the Corona-Norco Unified School District.  

But it can be a problem if the heat index, a combination of temperature and humidity, hits a certain point. If that happens, teams will have to delay the game.  

For Friday night’s game the temperature was about 90° F.  


Gunn says if temps reach 105 °F then games will be delayed until the temperature drops.

"In the interest of the players, the people watching the game... should be put on hold till we have a safer environment," said emergency room doctor Angelique Campen.

"When your core body temperature goes up that high it can't function. Your brain can't function, so you're not sharp. You can become altered, lethargic... eventually go into a coma."  

"Corona-Norco Unified puts player safety and student safety at the forefront of every decision we make. We are confident in our protocols and procedures. They've played out over the years. This is not something new we're doing," Gunn explained.