Worksafe New Zealand to investigate case of teen driven through wall of fire in monster truck stunt

What would you think about having your 13-year-old daughter strapped to the front of a monster truck, and *rammed* through a flaming barricade?

Yes this girl is *literally* on fire after this truck at a monster truck rally in New Zealand crashes through the blazing barrier.

The video went viral and now Worksafe New Zealand that's their version of "OSHA" is looking into the situation.

That's after the driver of the truck said he was injured and you can see his face got some heat there in the video.

But he claims the girl is just fine and would be happy to do it again- despite blistering on her back after the flames burned through her fireproof outfit.

Oh- and her parents apparently gave the OK!

THANK-YOU To Joff Windsor for this awesome footage!********************************* >>>>>>>>>PLEASE NOTE Posted by Monster Madness NZ on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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