Woman playing with guns shoots man while on Facebook Live

A man is on life support after being shot by a woman who was playing with a gun.

The incident has gained national attention because it was captured on Facebook Live.

In that video, you see Cassandra Damper, 25, playing with the gun. That's when the driver tells her she's making him nervous.

Just moments later, that driver was shot in the head.

Police say he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Court documents filed by prosecutors say the victim is brain dead on life support.

Damper is charged with tampering with evidence. Police say she tried to wipe the gunpowder residue off her hands. This was all captured in a Facebook Live video.

Houston police say this happened at a gas station on Almeda Road around 2:30 Sunday morning.

Damper has already gotten out of jail because her bail for evidence tampering was only $2,500.

Prosecutors have asked the judge to raise her bond to $100,000. Now it'll be sent to a grand jury to decide what other charges she should face.

Damper is expected back in court Tuesday.

No word on the victim's condition as of Tuesday.