Woman offers some compassion after finding stranger sleeping in her car in San Francisco

A woman visiting San Francisco says she was shocked when she woke up to find a stranger sleeping in her parked car.

The woman, Breanna Smith, chronicled the ordeal in a series of videos on her TikTok account @breegiggless. 

In one video, Smith said she was staying in the city's Nob Hill neighborhood and left her car parked on a street.

"It seems like a pretty good neighborhood that you can park your car, but apparently not," she said.

She said after parking the car she went to her room. Smith said she had planned to check on her car the next morning.

That's where the story takes a turn.

"I came out, and I checked my car, and this dude was in my car," she explained.

Smith recorded the moments she found the unfamiliar man in her car.

"Unlock my door right now," Smith is heard yelling at the man before eventually using her key to open the door.

The man, who appeared calm, gathered his belongings and exited the woman's vehicles with no shoes on.

Smith seemingly shocked and disturbed, says, "What the f—! How the f— did he get in my (car)?"

That was also the reoccurring question that appeared under her post, which has garnered nearly 3 million views on TikTok. Many users wanted to know if she unknowingly left her car unlocked.

Smith addressed that query in a follow-up video. She said to the best of her knowledge, her car was locked before she left it unattended.

Smith said the man didn't take any of her belongings or damage her vehicle, but she did find aluminum foil in her ignition. But she says her car started just fine.

"Thank God he didn't do nothing, and he just slept in it. He just needed somewhere to go cuz 'Frisco' is very cold," the woman said. "I wasn't mad that he broke in my car-- well yes I was, but I was just happier that he didn't touch anything, he didn't ruin anything."

One user commented, "I feel bad for him because he just needed a safe place to sleep just trying to survive."

Added another, "You supplied shelter possibly for someone homeless without even knowing it. Who knows, but your vehicle may have saved his life that night."

User @laurel_leigh1 applauded Smith for how she handled the situation, saying, "so much respect for how you handled this though."

Added @sassyanaa, "God bless you for not being extra or mean not many people are left like u."

Smith said she "wasn't going to go off on him. Like why would I do that he needed somewhere to sleep," But she admitted, "I hated that it was my car." 

Smith said she did not call the police.