Woman, boyfriend indicted on murder of 10-year-old son

The alleged torture case for a 10 year old boy that lead to his death continued with an arraignment for his mother and boyfriend Wednesday morning with a potential huge development in court.

Lawyers for the extended family members say the death penalty is potentially now on the table.

Anthony Avalos died in June in Lancaster.

The DA believes his mother Heather Barron -- and boyfriend Kareem Leiva murdered and tortured him.

The details are gruesome - he was allegedly starved, beaten with a belt, and tortured with hot sauce poured on his face.

Now today the grand jury unsealed the indictment.

We're told 57 witnesses were called and there are 4 charges brought forth in the indictment, murder, torture, and child abuse charges to two MORE victims - Anthony's brother and sister.

Attorney Brian Claypool says a grand jury being involved means a death penalty punishment may be in play.

That a grand jury has to be involved for that charge to be brought.

And he says if a DA brings the death penalty charge, he believes it gives more of an opportunity for the mother and boyfriend to plead guilty.

This possibly means this won't have to go through a lengthy trial.

The next pre-trial hearing is currently set for December 3rd.

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