Wife of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington speaks out one year after his suicide death

It's a date Talinda Bennington feared. Friday, July 20th is the one year heartbreaking anniversary of the suicide death of her husband Chester Bennington, lead singer of the iconic band Linkin Park.

"It's the re-traumatization" she says. "That day is so seared in my mind."

Talinda planned to spend that emotional day quietly with friends and family. Their two daughters were five at this time last year, their son Tyler was eleven. Chester has three older children too. Talinda knew she'd have to have answers for the kids. It was the fuel for her campaign #320ChangesDirection. 3/20 was Chester's birthday.

Talinda has become a force for change when it comes to how we view mental health, depression, and addiction. It began with fans of the legendary musician reaching out. After his shocking death many shared their own pain. Some talked of harming themselves.

Talinda says "that hurt me to the core. Chester wouldn't want that."

Her reality meant accepting what happened, while still shocked as to the why. The band had a number one album, the family had just bought a new home, and she says he loved his family.

Talinda took to social media and joined forces with an already established organization, ChangeDirection.org. International partners include Michelle Obama and Prince Harry. She spoke out on panels and in interviews. She told their personal story in hopes of helping others. She talked of Chester's depression and addictions, but more importantly his fear of being "labeled" and the stigma that comes with mental health.

Change Direction provides counseling services that started with military veterans and moved to mass tragedies. There is insight for family members concerned about loved ones and help in identifying "five signs" of trouble. Her goal with #320ChangesDirection is to streamline mental health resources through technology.

What does she tell others who might be suffering? "You're not alone. There is help." What does she tell her children? "Daddy died because his brain was sick."

Her message is a call for societal change. She echoes the call for mental health to be viewed as any other illness in which you would seek care. "If you don't take care of your mental health you will get sick, and that can cause you to do irrational things." Chester Bennington's suicide death came on the heels of his friend, rocker Chris Cornell.

As the family marks this tragic one year date Talinda says Chester "doesn't go away." His microphone feels electric. "You pick it up and you can feel the tingling in your hands." To feel close to their father, the children are allowed to talk into the mic.

Talinda was determined to "not let this mistake ruin my children. I was determined to not let that happen." Their son Tyler has also been speaking publicly, even at twelve-years-old.

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