'Who TF Did I Marry?': Viral 50-part TikTok series explained

An Atlanta woman's 50-part viral TikTok series is taking the internet by storm. 

At the center of this dramatic series titled "Who TF Did I Marry?" is the woman who goes by the handle @reesamteesa, or Reesa Teesa online, who has garnered nearly 200 million views for her testament of being married to a pathological liar. 

Teesa began posting what would later become an eight-hour series about her ex-husband who she describes as the "United Nations of red flags," on Feb. 13. 

She at first shared a shorter version of her story in response to a viral trend video asking users to respond to the most "f----- up thing that your ex did to you." 

After her video caught on, users asked her for the director's cut. 

Teesa has put the entire series in an auto-playing playlist on her profile which allows users to easily listen to full story and be engaged without having the actually scroll manually on the app. Almost like an audiobook. 

She has even created an introduction video to prepare users for the intense story to come. 

"You can listen to all the times I made bad decisions, you can clearly listen to the good, the bad, the ugly, the embarrassing," she says in the video. "But most importantly, the redemption and the forgiveness that I am trying and learning to give myself. All in all, do not be dismayed that it is 50 parts."

"Who TF Did I Marry?" explained

Spoiler warning: If you want to watch the original series and don't want to get spoiled by the condensed version, watch here

In her series, Teesa doesn't mention anyone's real names. She refers to her ex-husband as "legion," referencing the Biblical character possessed by demons. 

They began dating in 2020 and quickly things took a serious turn for their relationship. The COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, and they were forced to quarantine together despite various red flags that had presented themselves early on. Legion claimed to work as an executive for a major condiment company that was transferred to Atlanta after a nasty divorce from a cheating wife back in California. 

They quickly fall in love and decide to buy a house, which Legion steps up to pay for, but promptly, problems arise when it comes to closing on a property, and Teesa quickly finds out her soon-to-be husband has lied about the status of a house they were interested in. But she decides to let it go when she finds out she's pregnant with his child. 

As they continue to look for other houses, he refuses to show proof of income, and eventually, she has a miscarriage. Weeks go by, and she notes that her ex-husband continues to have "fake phone calls" with whom he claims to be family members, employees and friends. 

Leaving out mountains of critical details, the lies eventually come to a boiling point, and Teesa discovers that not only have many of Legion's family members, who he claimed to have been speaking about, been dead for several years, but the life he claims to have is also actually a stolen identity from his twin brother.

Less than a year into their marriage, Teesa finally files for divorce. 

How the story has exploded in popularity

Since the first post, many TikTok user's feeds have been flooded with references to Teesa's story, which has taken a life of its own. 

"I just canceled my Hulu subscription," said a comment on one video in the list. 

The account for the TV streaming platform Tubi even commented, "Starting now, no spoilers please."

Other comments include users obsessed with her story. 

"I just found her story [two] hours ago and haven’t scrolled away since," one person wrote in the comments. Another wrote, "This is the most organized story I’ve heard told on TikTok."

Teesa continues to interact with her followers and post updates to her life. 

While there's no reason to believe Teesa made up this story, the validity of the details have not yet been confirmed. Teesa has not yet responded to FOX TV Stations' request for comment.