White SUV goes over cliff, no driver or body found

A white SUV landed at the bottom of Little Tujunga Canyon Road last Saturday. Witness Kevin Hill said he knew it was down there because he saw the driver swerve off the road.

"I'm looking in the rear view mirror and this white SUV comes barreling around the corner," Hill said. "It went straight off the cliff just boom gone."

Without hesitation, Hill and other good samaritans hiked roughly 200 feet down the ravine through thick brush to search for the driver.

"I thought we were just going to find a body or someone who was dying," Hill said.

With the help of a helicopter, search and rescue crews combed the area looking for whoever was inside that SUV, but they were nowhere in sight.

What happened to that driver remained a mystery until Sunday night when canyon resident Mark Underwood said he spotted him.

"The sheriff's department had asked me to keep an eye out for him," Underwood said. "I saw him staggering along the road and I cut around just as he wandered into the ranch's wedding area and asked for water."

Underwood said it appears the driver had walked at least five miles from where his car had gone down the cliff.

"He was extremely out of it, but didn't have any head injuries or anything just cuts and scrapes from the bushes he was wandering through," Underwood said.

Residents of Little Tujunga said the driver was lucky to survive this crash and for Kevin Hill that's welcome news.

"I'm just thankful that I'm hearing that he's alive it could've been much worse," Hill said.