Wednesday's Child: Rosa enjoys singing, dancing, and playing dress-up

Rosa, 9, is a sweet girl in foster care. She enjoys singing, dancing, and playing dress-up. She also likes doing cartwheels and handstands and aspires to be part of a gymnastics team. 

Recently though, she's been gravitating toward reading. With that in mind, we recently spent some time with Rosa at Once Upon a Time, a family bookstore in Montrose, to help nurture her love for reading and to help with the current chapter of her story, which involves finding that forever family to call her own.

The aisles of Once Upon A Time are filled with storybook wonders. As she wandered around, Rosa found a special Valentine’s Day card she wanted to give her foster mom, and some unicorn figurines and princess-themed books for herself.

Rosa likes being the center of attention and tends to get along with older children while learning to develop more patience and skills with younger children. Rosa is bilingual (English/Spanish) and is a quick learner. She also loves animals as we witnessed in her fascination with Pipi, the bookstore cat.

Rosa has a real desire to be part of a forever family. Beyond that goal, her "3 wishes" for her future include becoming a teacher, a "mommy", or a dentist. She says she wants to "help kids learn," to have her own children, and to "give (kids) new teeth." We’re looking to help get Rosa rooted in a loving and supportive adoptive family that will nurture Rosa and help her grow and realize her dreams. 

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