Wednesday's Child: Jade is a stylish, outgoing teen looking for forever home

Jade is an outgoing 15-year-old with a warm personality and an artistic flair. As an older teen in foster care, she comes with life experiences and a maturity that allows her to be open. And knowing that Jade likes new experiences, we had a strong suspicion that she would enjoy attending Doris Bergman’s 12th Annual Luxury Lounge and Luncheon in honor of the Emmys. 

And enjoy herself she did, as Jade was given "celeb" treatment and was gifted left and right by all the vendors on site. There were Candles by Milena, bracelets from My Saint My Hero and a giant basket of beauty care products from Marianna’s Beauty Kitchen, just to name a few.

Jade shared that she’s been in foster care since she was about 12 years old. Coming from a place of personal experience and empathy, Jade understands the challenges children face in the system and can see herself someday seeking a career in a helping field to help others work through trauma and be a part of their healing journey.

Jade has an artist’s soul, loving art of all kinds and personally using sketching as a form of expression -- drawing whatever comes to mind and exploring vibrant color schemes (many involving her favorite color, red). Jade doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd and expresses her uniqueness with comfort.

Jade would like to be part of a forever family whose members appreciate and support her interests and who can be outgoing, but who can also be comfortable sitting at home watching scary movies on Netflix together. So tune in to Wednesday’s Child and watch Jade walk the red carpet and share some of her story. Then to learn more about adoption, call 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367)