WATCH: New DC police officer surprises girlfriend, proposes at graduation ceremony

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Graduation day took a surprise turn for one new D.C. police officer and his girlfriend, who are now celebrating something else amazing: their engagement!

As new officer Josh Jarvie celebrated his completing his training at the Metropolitan Police Department Academy graduation ceremony on October 9, he asked his girlfriend, Shana Maschack, to be the one to pin on his badge. But Shana didn't know that Josh had a surprise in store for her.

It's clear from video of the graduation, which they shared with FOX 5, that Shana had no idea what was about to happen. As soon as she pinned the badge on Josh's uniform, he took both her hands--and then dropped down on one knee, pulled out a ring (which he designed himself) and asked her to marry him!

Mashack says her now-fiance had planned the whole thing with the help of the officers at the academy and his fellow graduates. She, on the other hand, was completely shocked.


"It took me a minute to understand what was going on, and the officers that were standing behind us asked if I was going to say yes because I was in such shock I couldn't say anything," she told FOX 5."I immediate said yes and they yelled she said yes and everyone stood up and cheered. It was perfect!"

Maschak says she and Jarvie have been dating for the past two years. They're originally from Pennsylvania, but Maschak tells FOX 5 they moved to Maryland so he could become an officer. The happy couple is now planning a September 2017 wedding.