Voyeuristic Video Investigation

An assistant director who has worked on a number of major Hollywood movies is under investigation for allegedly secretly recording dozens of women in various states of undress. FOX 11 News has obtained a copy of a search warrant outlining the L.A. County District Attorney's investigation into Kevin Thomas Roy, who has worked on such blockbusters as Transcendence, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and The Lone Ranger.

The search warrant describes Roy as a "prolific collector and producer of voyeuristic matter". Investigators believe Roy set up his cameras and recorded more than 40 videos and 400 photos, including up-skirt shots at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, a Target store, and inside the bathroom at his own home. The material was turned over to investigators by his now ex-wife. Investigators have been able to track down several women believed to be victims of the illegally shot voyeuristic movies. One of those women, who asked that FOX 11 not reveal her name, told us "to know that he has the capability to do that in his own home, I was super worried that he would do it to anybody else in his regular job" as an assistant director. In fact, the investigation revealed he did just that.

In June, Roy pled "no contest" to one count of illegally hiding a camera in the dressing room and recording moving and still images of actresses changing their clothes during a shoot for a Maserati commercial at the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita. Roy received probation for the crime. FOX 11 caught up with Roy outside the courthouse but he had nothing to say to us. We also repeatedly requested an on-camera interview with his attorney and she did not return our calls. According to his IMDB profile, Roy worked on the film Insurgent, which was filmed in Atlanta this year. When asked if it was appropriate for him to work on set, given the nature of the crime he was convicted of, the DGA told us it was "looking into this serious matter".

According to the search warrant, investigators believe some of the videos were shot at conventions. Just last month, people were handing out flyers at Comic-Con in San Diego warning convention-goers about Roy who, according to his Facebook page, attended the convention this year. The flyer contained information on his recent conviction. Investigators also believe some of the videos were shot in other states, including Nevada, Hawaii, and Louisiana.

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