Virginia family terrified by over 6-foot-long snake in home

A Virginia family got quite the shock after finding an over six-foot-long snake in their home.

Mom Kelly Blumenthal posted on Facebook a video of the snake, climbing up their window sill, near an area where her two young boys play in their home in Stafford, Virginia.

"I am trying to calm down and it's VERY hard. I am extremely shaken up as my kids drop toys back there several times a day and reach back to grab them," she wrote.

Blumenthal tells FOX 5 she was actually naked when it happened, having jumped out of the shower when she heard her kids screaming.

"I stood outside my house in a bathmat with my son screaming and some neighbors came over and removed the snake. However, the snake did get away," she said.

The family called pest control, who were able to locate snake and were able to get it out of the home safely.

A wildlife expert said the unwelcome house guest was a King snake, which while not poisonous are known to bite.

It did get, however, get close to her 3-year-old son Finn, who Blumenthal says "just had his second open heart surgery. So a snake bite, even if it's not poisonous could kill him from infection. His heart couldn't take that right now."

"The snake entered the house through the siding on the outside of the house and crawled through the wood underneath and entered through the bottom of our fireplace," said Blumenthal.

Their house is 17 years old, she said, but the wood in the home had gone through some normal wear and tear, and snakes do not need much space to move "so it was very easy for him to go up through the siding, find a small place in the wood to get through and then go to our fireplace."

Blumenthal says while they don't have a mice problem in the home, their home is being checked for mice (to not lure other snakes) and their home siding and fireplace are being resealed by home professionals.

"It's been a very exhausting several days! But I do feel relief knowing that there is a plan in place. I just pray that nothing else enters the house between now and when the house can be sealed in the coming days!"

The Blumenthal's son Finn (who got close to that snake) was born with a heart defect and has been through may procedures in the past three years.

Their page "Prayers for Finn" shares updates on their little boy, and sometimes other scares like snakes.

The Blumenthals also have a GoFundMe page for other updates on Finn and for anyone who wishes to support the family for their son's medical bills.