Vin Scully remembered as 'friend,' 'brother' by fellow Dodger legend Jaime Jarrín

We sat in Jaime Jarrín’s living room less than 24 hours after the announcement of the passing of Los Angeles Dodgers icon Vin Scully. Jaime shared his innermost thoughts with us. 

These two men, from different parts of the world, were as close as brothers. They had bonded over baseball, but after six decades of friendship, Scully and Jarrín’s connection extended well beyond the baseball field. It could not be measured in the neat white lines of a baseball diamond; yet their friendship sparkled like a precious gem.

Jarrín, himself a Dodger legend, took the death of his dear friend hard. He told me he "cried hard" Tuesday upon hearing the news of Vin’s death. Vin and Jaime traveled the country and the world together covering the Dodgers. Jarrín said Scully was "everything " to him. He heaped enormous praise on Scully who was a teacher, a confidante and a friend. Scully was exceedingly generous to Jaime. He taught him the nuances of the game.

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Jarrín was an Ecuadorian-born newsman turned baseball commentator. After the Dodger owners realized the Latino community represented a huge untapped fan base, they turned to Jarrín. Jarrín needed on-the-job training. Scully was there to help him. When Scully would stay late at the stadium to study for the next day — well after midnight — Jaime would stay with him. They were inseparable.

On road trips, their culinary exploits were especially delicious. Jaime said the dining in Chicago was unmatched. The Michelin Guide was their go-to. When in San Francisco, Vin would rent a car and play chauffeur. Jaime loved being the passenger with Vin at the wheel. But mostly they leaned on each other as they traveled life’s journey.

Jaime said everyone at the stadium loved Vin. "He treated everyone the same." Jarrín was sure tonight they were all crying. He described Vin as a deeply spiritual man, who never missed Catholic mass, no matter the city the Dodgers played. And for the first time during our visit, Jaime began to weep. He misses his dear friend, but he knows he will see him again.