Video shows Tesla driver attack another vehicle on SoCal freeway

Dascham video shows the moments an angry Tesla driver attacked another vehicle following a minor accident on a busy freeway. 

The incident happened on the southbound lanes of the 2 Freeway between York and Fletcher Dr. in Glendale

Video shared with FOX 11 shows a black Tesla hitting another a Chevrolet pickup truck as it attempted to merge into the left most lane. The man in car that was hit can be heard on video attempting to call 911. 

A few seconds later, the Tesla driver stops, gets out of his vehicle with some sort of ‘pole like' object in his hands and hits the driver's side door and window at least three times. The Tesla driver then gets back into his car and drives away. 

Just minutes before the altercation, the Chevrolet driver observed the Tesla in a road rage incident involving a white Toyota sedan. 

Similar videos have been circulating on social media which appear to show the same Tesla driver rushing toward another vehicle, armed with a pipe in hand. At least four other incidents are being investigated. 

Witnesses were urged to call the CHP Central Los Angeles Area office at 213-744-2331, or the CHP Los Angeles Traffic Management Center at 323-259- 3410 after hours.